Posted by: mahkokwei | February 8, 2009

Dell DRAC default password

Each Dell DRAC comes with a default password; user: “root” password: “calvin”. but most of the time we change them for security purposes.

It is not impossible we may forget the password, or wrongly reset password. Password reset can be done using racadm command line tool.

In DRAC 4, the first index slot was “root” by default.

In DRAC 5, index 1 is “Administrator”, index 2 is “root”. this is required to know to identify which Id’s password to reset.

Example to reset password using racadm command:

DRAC 4: racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 1 “newpasswordhere

DRAC 5: racadm config -g cfgUserAdmin -o cfgUserAdminPassword -i 2 “newpasswordhere

Example to display the Id’s info using racadm command:

DRAC 4: racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 1

DRAC 5: racadm getconfig -g cfgUserAdmin -i 2


  1. Any idea how to get racadm.exe to run on a 64 bit W2k3 R2 OS? I’m running it right out of the X64 Server Management download from Dell and it’s telling me it cannot run on a 64 bit OS.

  2. […] before, I found this content out on the Interwebs, but wanted to duplicate it here for safe keeping. Each Dell DRAC comes with a […]

  3. I tried check on Dell support website, are you using Dell Open Manage 5.4?
    Referring to Dell Systems Software Support Matrix 5.4:

    It shows that RACADM is supported for x64 OS.
    Not sure whether your OMSA is working fine, as RACADM actually comes with OMSA.
    Download for OMSA 5.4:

    • I was using OM 4.2, after updating to 5.4 it worked like a charm. Thanks 🙂

  4. thanks bro

  5. Thanks bro

  6. I need make a usb bootable for reset password, i need some help.


  7. thanks mate that i am looking for

    cheers 🙂

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