Posted by: mahkokwei | February 9, 2009

Nothing happened after clicked on access nodes in Citrix Web Interface 4.5

When we click on access nodes in Citrix Web Interface (for me is version 4.5), suppose it will execute the ICA file automatically by default. But this does not happen to me. Usually what we do is uninstall and reinstall the ICA client. This may not able to solve the problem. (I’ve experienced that).

This is what should happen when click on access nodes:

  1. It starts download the file.
  2. For my case, it saves to Temporary Internet Files folder. (some may prompt asking where to save the file)
  3. The downloaded ICA file will be openned automatically using  ICA Emulator Engine (Win32). (Under C:\Program Files\Citrix\)

This are the steps I’ve done to enable auto ICA file execution [to associate ICA file type so it will always be openned using ICA Emulator Engine (Win32)]:

  1. Open Windows Explorer
  2. On menu bar, click on Tools  menu > click Folder Options
  3. In Folder Options window box, select File Types tab
  4. Select ICA/ Citrix ICA client extension in Registered file types
  5. Click on Advanced, select Confirm open after download check box.
  6. for Open with, click Change, make sure ICA Emulator Engine (Win32) is selected, and select Always use the selected program to open this kind of file check box. 

However, this detailed steps only works for Windows XP. For Vista, it can be done in Default Programs.

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