Posted by: mahkokwei | February 7, 2010

What’s inside System State?

Probably we do often heard of “System State” when performing backup and restoration. Ever wondering what is System State and what components are included?

  • There are 3 things which ALWAYS included System State:
    COM+ Class Registration Database
    Boot files, system files
    System files and Windows File Protection
  • Certificate Services database will be included when it is a Certificate Services Server.
  • Active Directory directory service will be included when it is a domain.
  • SYSVOL will be included when server is a Domain Controller.
  • Cluster database info is in when it is a cluster server.
  • IIS Metadirectory included if IIS is installed.

When backing up and perform restoration, there’s no way to choose out the individual components in System State as a result of dependency of each components.

What if the System State got restored to another location other than the native root drive? Yes we can do that, but only partial of the components will be found as below:

Available Not Available
Registry AD directory services
SYSVOL Certificate services db
Cluster db info COM+ Registration db
system boot  

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